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It takes thousands of years for a jungle to grow, and it could thrive on its own for millennia.

But for us human, the wood is a valuable material.

Their life is our currency...



Left click: select tree to plant, plant tree.

Right click: cancel planting.


Update: Some bugfix and replay without having to refresh the page.

(If you like the game, there are 2 different endings)

Updated 21 days ago
Published 23 days ago
Made withUnity
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This is great. I would love to see this expanded somewhat, please consider it in the future.


Is my game stuck? 

23000 AD now, still going strong


No worry guys, I've got the planet sorted for at least 200 000 years. I haven't seen any human activity though, that's concerning. 

Really impressive the game, very enjoyable to play and very challenging, passing the message that in the fight of the human against nature.

My score


It's great and very thought-provoking. The only possible downside I can see is that it's nearly impossible to find more than one ending. Then again, I guess if it were easy for nature to win, we wouldn't be having these problems today.


Awesome dude!!! It gives a lot to think! Nice work. <3

Thanks for your kind words!

I'm glad that you like the game! :)