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A tactical (board?) game for 2 players playing on the same machine. (Shh it’s a lot easier to play if you have 2 mouses)

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 42. This is my first Ludum Dare Compo submission, yay!

I really hate how bad I am at chess. The pieces keep jumping around through impossible spaces, and my king got mated inside a castle!?

So here’s a totally non-chess-like game, where your surrounding allies can support you, and pieces can’t cross the whole board in a single turn.

And you know what, let’s forget the king. It’s 2018, everyone’s equal! (I mean the game mode is Last Man Standing)

Controls: Mouse only unfortunately.


  • Engine: Unity
  • Sound: Audacity, Garage Band, Bfxr
  • Images: Aseprite

Source Code Note:

The source included doesn’t run as it is. Unfortunately some of the code libraries I used are paid assets (most notably Entitas) and thus I can’t include them for public sharing.

## Don't read the part below if you haven't played the game ##


**Possible variations I thought of**
(Do tell me if you think one of them is a good idea)
- Bring the "king" back: each player secretly assign a squad as their "king" units. When that unit die, they lose.
- Bring the king back 2: no secret, but the leader squad get a buff (x2 strength maybe?)
- Stop the snowball: each time a squad is defeated, its controlling player get a skull mark to use (mark a tile to destroy)
- Custom team (choose your loadout/formation)


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I like it. Now there is no such an idle tactical game like this one. If it was bigger, with unlocking tecs, with the purchase of new units - I would have bought it for sure. Great job