Version 0.1.11


  • Changes to scoring system: game result is based on a new stats Prosperity. Enemies strength are mainly based on Gold and Prosperity.
  • Building system: you are free to build within the safety of Phaeria's walls.
  • Monster encyclopedia.
  • New buildings.
  • New quests.
  • Improvement to UI & visual.

Experimental (could be removed/changed in the future):

  • Special annual events.
  • Buildings destroyed under attack.

Inprogress & Planned for next demo (ask us on Discord if you're curious):

  • Adventure system.
  • A bit of control over outposts' unit behavior.
  • New enemies & lewder more intelligent AI with characteristic.

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Version 0.1.11 Jul 06, 2018 69 MB
Version 0.1.11 Jul 06, 2018

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